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The Art of Quittin’ Dairy, and Still Livin’ It

Why quit dairy? Many have sworn it off for a variety of reasons—many of which even beauty-related. After all, dairy products have been long-enduring culprits of gut issues and breakouts, and an elimination experiment might be in order if said complications so happen to apply to you.

We know it won’t be easy, though—not when lavish cheeses, chocolates and a bunch of other decadent dairy-fare tend to make up the stuff of parties and an aggravating lot of social settings. It’ll be tough to say no to a chocolate binge (particularly with an abundance of pretty-tempting-pleases with cherries—mmm—on top), but we’ve got you covered on that.

Here are the ways you can put an absolute HALT to your dairy intake while keeping all your daily-and-social plans intact:

1. Get Not-Milk!

Here’s an easy way to part with your daily morning latte and not feel miserably deprived: try some worthy alternatives to milk that have been rapidly gaining popularity as of late. Almond milk, macadamia, and soy—to reel off a few. Keep yourself geared up in the morning with a substitute that suits your taste.

2. Treat Yourself

We’ve got some news for you—you won’t have to completely swear off the sweet treats and creamy desserts that make life all the more worthwhile, and you’ve got some mad-genius food companies to thank for that. Take for instance: Good’s Almond Frozen Dessert (completely lactose free) and Lindt Excellence 70% Cocoa. On top of all that, some of our classic muncheable faves—Oreos, Coco Pops and Skittles—just so happen to be dairy-free as well (and a sigh of relief).

3. Check Your Wine

Some red and white wines are actually treated with milk and thus, contain traces of diary. So make a note to label-check on your wine-shopping rounds and go for the ‘unfined’ or unfiltered ones. Thankfully, most spirits are dairy-free, so no need to worry there.

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